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Pump And Dump Alert – PERT

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Pump And Dump Alert – PERT

In the world of penny stocks, you’re sure to find oodles of great, unknown companies to invest in.  But there are also penny stock scams designed to bilk hard-earned cash from investors.  And usually you’ll know its hit you after you’ve watched your investment evaporate into thin air!

We know what to look for, and tell you who’s out there pumping stocks using paid promoters.

It’s our job to expose penny stock pump and dump scams… 

And we take real pleasure in putting the smackdown on the latest penny stock pump and dump scams.

As you read, you’ll see the big red flags we’ve come across on these companies.  And with all the great penny stocks out there… there’s no reason to put a single dime into any of these companies!

This week, we’re exposing a pump and dump scams on: Permanent TechnologiesPERT

I love writing up companies that have been around for 7 years, and have $0 in sales.  It makes me scratch my head in wonder how these companies are even allowed to issue public stock- really…

This is a company that looks like any other Mom and Pop small parts company- so to see them being pumped by paid stock promoters is shocking!

Here’s the dirt-

Red Flag #1: Paid PUMP!

Wall St. Buzz Alerts was paid more than once to pump PERT, they were paid $17,500 to peddle this stock to unsuspecting investors.

Here’s the disclaimer for you to check out-

 AMNC (Wall St. Buzz Alerts) has been  compensated $5,000.00 by Numark Capital Corp. for the advertisement and increased awareness of Permanent Technologies, Inc., (PERT). AMNC has been previously compensated $12,500.00 by Numark Capital Corp. for the advertisement and increased awareness of Permanent Technologies, Inc., (PERT) that has expired. AMNC does not own any shares of (PERT).

Red Flag #2: No Longer Registered With The SEC

It’s never a good thing for investors when a company can’t afford to, or decides they no longer feel the need to file their financial reports with the SEC.  It shows a serious lack of respect for current and potential investors- and the system itself!

Back in 2007/2008 PERT decided to cancel registration with the SEC.  I guess it has something to do with they aren’t selling anything- how can they afford the SEC reg fees?

Red Flat #3:  Terrible Financial Data

It seems like a carbon copy of just about every company we feature on this alert- some pumper is telling you why this company is SO GREAT.  If they’re so great, then why aren’t they making money?

Here’s how bad the financials are at PERT-

  • $43K cash in the bank
  • $0 revenue since inception- as in they’ve never made money
  • Net loss of $151K for 2013

But here’s the killer, which I pulled right from their financial statement…

The Company has not realized profit from operations since its inception. As of December 31, 2013, the Company is in the development stage and will not generate significant revenues or profitable operations in the near future and there can be no assurance that it will either achieve or maintain profitability in the future. As a result, the Company may be unable to continue as a going concern.

I think that’s all you need to know.

The Wrap Up:

Too many investors get sucked into these nightmare penny stocks scams.  They fall for the overly optimistic projections the paid promoters are selling.  In the search of easy money, investors lose sight of what a real return should be… and end up holding the bag.

When investing in pumped penny stocks, it’s the ultimate case of “let the buyer beware!”

Article Name
Pump And Dump Alert – PERT
Putting the smack down on Penny Stock Pump And Dump Schemes. This week’s article is about PERT.

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