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Presale: Penny Stocks to Watch Premium Newsletter

A.J. Watkinson January 3, 2014 Penny Stocks to Watch, Premium No Comments

Penny Stocks to Watch NewsletterFellow Readers-

Today marks the day that we are officially launching the presale of our first membership service offering, Penny Stocks to Watch Newsletter, set to debut on January 22nd, 2014!

If you thought my recent recommendation of PLUG on December 26th which has since gained  50% since was big, these picks will KNOCK YOUR SOCKS OFF!

You see, I have discovered the secret to uncovering the penny stocks with the highest potential for double and triple digit % returns… the diamonds in the rough so to speak.

What does this mean?  I have basically figured out how to uncover the best penny stock bargains on the market!

Now, some of these penny stocks are “instant buys”, while others are going to pop at some point.  Regardless, these are the penny stocks to watch!    The penny stocks that are almost certain to see big upside!


So What Do I Get?

Your membership to this service includes access to the following premium content:

Smart Decisions

Smart Decisions are alerts to take action.  In a Smart Decision I’ll give you a stock that I recommend you take action on.  This action will strictly be Buy or Sell suggestions.   It will show up in your email inbox as soon as I publish it!

The contents of a Smart Decision will include not only the stock I’m recommending action on, but also the reasons for the action.  You’ll get the fundamental, technical, and/or “pure experience” rational behind the trade. A Smart Decision will not be a novel, but will give enough information to make an informed decision.   And you’ll see anywhere from 2-6 Smart Decisions each month from me…

Smart Decisions will be issued on stocks with either a price under $9 per share, or a market cap under $1 Billion.  I’ll often try to focus on stocks under $2 or $3… but great micro-cap stocks shouldn’t be limited by stock price alone.

Portfolio Review

A portfolio update is simply that.  I’ll give you an update on any number of stocks that I’m holding in the portfolio.  I’ll be updating you on recent company events that may/or may not affect a decision to hold or sell. 

The portfolio review will also show current up, down, or flat performance.   For new subscribers, you’ll see the entire portfolio that I’ve established since inception of the newsletter.

You’ll get a copy of any Portfolio Review I publish which will show up in your email inbox.

From a timing standpoint, Portfolio Reviews will be sent out every 6-10 weeks.  But in certain cases, I’ll write up a review sooner if there’s something I think you should really know about one of the stocks in the portfolio.

Smart Decision Archives

Lose track of why I recommended action on a particular stock?  Are you new to the newsletter and want to see all our past recommendations?  Not to worry!

I’ll keep all my past Smart Decisions archived in a password secured member’s only section of the site.  So you’ll have access to re-read the details of each action recommendation at your leisure…

5 Critical Rules For Penny Stock Traders!

Even with my seasoned hand guiding you, I can’t guarantee your investment success. But I can give you the 5 secrets that every investor – particularly penny stock investors – must know in order to truly succeed!

Seriously, without following these 5 critical rules, you could end up no further ahead than before you met me. It’s the “penny stock investor 101” that you have to read. And I’ll give you a copy for free when you subscribe.

But How Much Is This Amazing Service?  Only $99!

Click “Buy Now” to take advantage of this exclusive special presale pricing of $99 for a one year subscription!  This is a limited time offer, and the price of this subscription will be increasing to $199/yr once it officially debuts on January 22nd!  Not only that, but when your subscription expires, we will continue to honor our $99/yr price tag for your renewal!  For more information on this premium service, please visit the official Penny Stocks to Watch Newsletter page.


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