Sunday January 21, 2018

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stock_ticker_boardSmart investors understand that most penny stocks offer huge upside potential. They’re the bread and butter of the US economy… real companies that create very real products.

They’re just smaller, undiscovered versions of their large cap counterparts such as Facebook (FB), Apple (APPL), and Starbucks (SBUX).

You just don’t know them by name…

Now I’ll be the first one to tell you- not all penny stocks are worth buying. Most of these companies remain penny stocks because they just can’t figure how to become profitable, or grow revenue.

Not to mention the dark world of pump and dump penny stocks… the dark side of investments that scares away “would be” buyers of real penny stocks.

As you know, navigating the universe of small cap and penny stocks can be daunting. It’s vitally important to know the secret to finding the best penny stocks to buy, otherwise you’re wasting your time and money!

That’s where I come in…

Here’s the deal… you and I both know there are plenty of normal investors beating the market for double and even triple digit % returns everyday.

I’ve discovered the secret to uncovering the penny stocks with the highest potential for double and triple digit % returns… the diamonds in the rough so to speak.

Basically, I’ve figured out how to uncover the best penny stock bargains on the market!

Now, some of these penny stocks are “instant buys”, while others are going to pop at some point. These are the penny stocks to watch. I’m talking about the penny stocks that are almost certain to see big upside.

But trying to guess the exact time they’ll surge higher is impossible.

If you’re surprised to hear that, don’t be…

Too many “experts” out there are asking you to subscribe to their newsletter telling they’ll guarantee you huge returns overnight. Trust me- if you hear that- run the other way!

My methods are grounded in time-tested fundamental analysis, keen technical analysis, all clarified through the lens of my real trading and consulting experience.

Sure, lots of guys can use fundamental and technical tools… but having “been there” and “seen that” give me an edge that many other self-styled “experts” just don’t have.

Remember, I’ve traded my own accounts long before NASDAQ 5000 came to be. I’ve traded stocks, options, currency, bonds, forex… you name it.

More importantly,

I’ve spent years of my career guiding others through the maze of investments for themselves. In fact, I’ve run more than half a dozen very successful investment newsletters for one of the top companies in the business!

(Successful = my portfolios made money for subscribers)

The bottom line, I can back up my experience. And I’m ready to share my experience and success directly with you!

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If you want a seasoned hand helping you pick the penny stocks, with the highest potential for double and even triple digit % returns, then you can’t do better than subscribing to the Penny Stocks to Watch newsletter.

So what’s this newsletter all about?

With your subscription to Penny Stocks To Watch, you’ll receive the following-

Smart Decisions

Smart Decisions are alerts to take action. In a Smart Decision I’ll give you a stock that I recommend you take action on. This action will strictly be Buy or Sell suggestions. It will show up in your email inbox as soon as I publish it!

The contents of a Smart Decision will include not only the stock I’m recommending action on, but also the reasons for the action. You’ll get the fundamental, technical, and/or “pure experience” rational behind the trade.

A Smart Decision will not be a novel, but will give enough information to make an informed decision. And you’ll see anywhere from 1-3 Smart Decisions each month from me…

Smart Decisions will be issued on stocks with either a price under $9 per share, or a market cap under $1 Billion. I’ll often try to focus on stocks under $2 or $3… but great micro-cap stocks shouldn’t be limited by stock price alone.

Portfolio Review

A portfolio update is simply that. I’ll give you an update on any number of stocks that I’m holding in the portfolio. I’ll be updating you on recent company events that may/or may not affect a decision to hold or sell.

The portfolio review will also show current up, down, or flat performance. For new subscribers, you’ll see the entire portfolio that I’ve established since inception of the newsletter.

You’ll get a copy of any Portfolio Review I publish which will show up in your email inbox.

From a timing standpoint, Portfolio Reviews will be sent out every 6-10 weeks. But in certain cases, I’ll write up a review sooner if there’s something I think you should really know about one of the stocks in the portfolio.

Smart Decision Archives

Lose track of why I recommended action on a particular stock? Are you new to the newsletter and want to see all our past recommendations? Not to worry!

I’ll keep all my past Smart Decisions archived in a password secured member’s only section of the site. So you’ll have access to re-read the details of each action recommendation at your leisure…

5 Critical Rules For Penny Stock Traders!

Even with my seasoned hand guiding you, I can’t guarantee your investment success. But I can give you the 5 secrets that every investor – particularly penny stock investors – must know in order to truly succeed!

Seriously, without following these 5 critical rules, you could end up no further ahead than before you met me. It’s the “penny stock investor 101” that you have to read. And I’ll give you a copy for free when you subscribe.

Subscribe to AJ Watkinson’s Penny Stocks To Watch Newsletter Today!


If you’re serious about turning your penny stock trades into winning trades more frequently, then a subscription to Penny Stocks To Watch is a must have item in any investor’s toolkit!

Sure you can get lucky on your own, but why fly around blind? Why take a random guess? Or even worse… take that buddies “sure thing” stock tip which never pans out.

No Big Price Tag!dollar_signs_pile

Would you be willing to spend roughly the cost of a single stock trade commission to get access to all this?
Well that’s all any smart investor should have to pay to get access to high-quality stock recommendations each month! We’re not some overpriced, pretentious newsletter trying to trick you into thinking “the more you pay, the better it has to be”… no way – that’s a load of BS!!

Great information and analysis has a price, but I got back into this business to make sure my knowledge gets out to as many people as possible- and an affordably-priced newsletter is a way to reach this goal!

For all of the above (Smart Decisions, Portfolio Reviews, Member’s Only Archives, 5 Critical Rules For Penny Stock Traders!)

$199 per year- that comes out to just $16.58/month (billed $49.75 quarterly)

We’ll bill you quarterly so you don’t have to make a huge commitment to get insight into what real, high-quality stock picks look like. If you’re not happy after the first three months you can simply cancel your subscription and keep the 5 Critical Rules For Penny Stock Traders to continue using.

You’ll find out why that advice will be great to have on hand even when trading on your own!

stock_brokerNo Hard Sell!

Listen, this offer is straight forward and to the point.

You’re not going to have to read another 8 pages of CRAP designed to entrap you into making a decision you’ll regret.

Sadly, many of our competitors think you need to be spoon-fed a load of JUNK to help build a case as to why their information is worth something.

They have these huge 20-page “sales letters” designed to lead you to a logical conclusion as to why you HAVE to have their newsletter. Or tell you how they’ll make you 1000% a year…

I know their tactics, because I’ve worked for these companies in the past! It’s just a load of BS… and something I’d like to change.

It’s 2014- and I trust you’re smarter than that!

The bottom line is- either you get great trade ideas in the newsletter, or you don’t. Period.

Performance That SPEAKS for Itself!

If you’ve been following my website so far, you know I’ve been handing out for free to readers some pretty impressive penny stocks.  And of these stocks, we’ve had more than 80% winners.  You’ll find the winners below- and you can check the site to see for yourself…

Stock Date Rec

 Rec Price

 Current Price

% Gain/Loss
BLDR (Builder Firstsource)





BDCO (Blue Dolphin Energy)





CDR/B (Crawford & Co.)





NLS (Nautilus Group)





GPL (Great Panther Silver)





GLUU (Glu Mobile)





FCEL (FuelCell Energy)





RIOM (Rio Alto Mining)





ACZ (Augusta Resource)





DRYS (Dryships)





GSI (General Steel)





PLUG (PlugPower)






 Average Return

















You read that right… if you bought every single stock and put an equal amount of capital into each, your penny stock portfolio would be up 31.6%!

Sure, there were 2 losers, but I guess everyone can’t be perfect!  We’ve seen a high gain of 126% out of PLUG… and a low loss of just 14% from silver miner GPL.

Could you live with 5 out of the 6 stocks you picked being winners?  I’d sure hope you would!


And if my Penny Stocks To Watch newsletter isn’t for you- I don’t want to screw you out of some huge annual fee- just to make you have to fight with a shady customer service center to get your money back.

… this is not the karma I have or want to bring to life– and it’s not how I do business.

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$49.75 today will get you access to the members only section of my website which contains the latest Smart Decision in our archive. You’ll also see the latest Portfolio Review in case you wanted to get a in on all of the positions I have established.

And finally, your $49.75 will get you the 5 Critical Rules For Penny Stock Traders, which is worth far more than the mere $49.75 your paying for it. Trust me when I tell you it cost me thousands of dollars in “hard knock” tuition to come up with this critical report!

I hope to see you on my subscriber list soon, because I know you’ll really enjoy what you get when you become a subscriber of mine.

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Keeping you one step ahead,


A.J. Watkinson