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JKS, SNFCA – Hot Penny Stocks

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JKS, SNFCA – Hot Penny Stocks

Hot Penny Stocks are all about volume.  Big Volume!

We’ll cover a couple of penny stocks that are moving right now on high volume… either up, or down.  In addition, you’ll leave knowing why there’s such a big move.

And telling you what and why is barely worth your time.  So we’ll give you our personal, unbiased recommendation.

This week’s Hot Penny Stocks are: JinkoSolar (JKS), and Security National Financial (SNFCA)

JinkoSolar (JKS)

JinkoSolar  designs, develops, produces, and markets photovoltaic (PV) products in China and internationally. JKS offers solar modules, solar cells, crystalline silicon ingots, and silicon wafers.  The company also offers solar power project development and solar system integration services.

On Friday December 7, over 784,000 shares of JKS were traded.  The 3 month average daily volume is only 89,000.

So why the surge in volume?

JinkoSolar just won up to $1 billion worth of financing from China Developmental Bank Corp.

As a result, shares rallied by 13% to trade over $5.00 on the news…

The verdict?

JKS is a must buy right now.  Given the slump in PV panel prices, and the US tariffs placed on any company found guilty of “dumping”- JKS just received the cash boost it needs to survive the coming death march in the solar industry.  As such, JKS looks like it will be one of the winners of the solar game- and stands to see it’s share price rally as a result.  It may take some time, but early investors will be well positioned to profit when it happens.


Security National Financial (SNFCA)

Security National Financial Corporation, together with its subsidiaries, provides life insurance, cemetery and mortuary services, and mortgage loans.  SNFCA has operations in multiple states across the US.  The company was founded in 1965 and is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Over 515,000 shares of SNFCA traded hands on December 5th.  That’s a big jump from the 3 month average of just 79,000 shares.

So why the big volume?

After reporting a revenue jump of 54% and an earnings surge of 634% in the last quarter, shares have been volatile… but trending much higher.

In addition, SNFCA just announced a special dividend to be paid early next year.  These events have sent SNFCA from $5.03 on November 19th, to nearly $9.00 on December 5th.

The Verdict?

Current investors should hold shares right now, and potential buyers should wait a bit.  While the huge jump in revenues and earnings look impressive, the share price has almost doubled in just two weeks.  Usually a fast spike like this consolidates, and patient investors are rewarded with a better entry point.  Even still, with growth like this, shares are certain to be higher next year this time.


Keeping you one step ahead,

A.J. Watkinson

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